Y8 Syndrome Explained

Y8 Papas Burgeria
Y8 is an online flash games site where close to 300,000 people use to satisfy their
quest for computer fun. With categories that range from such diverse topics as Love (with 477 games),
Funny (428 games) and Fun (1100 games) to those in the opposite end of the spectrum like Killing (502
games), Violence (173 games) and War (260 games), you get your full dose of enjoyment in just one

Y8 is literally flooded with games that both the young and the young at heart can play. As if the games
they have on their database are not enough, they continue to add more titles on a daily basis to give
more choices to their devoted fans. With servers that load fast and no popups that distract, this is every
gamer's heaven—the reason why a certain kind of online frenzy takes hold of those who make this their
game home on the web.

The y8 syndrome simply describes the phenomenon of joy and happiness that envelop people when
they experience the fun and cool entertainment that the thousands of games in the website offer. This
portal of free online games tickles every person's fancy and interest. It provides an avenue for relaxation
during your leisure time. And with tournaments that even the whole family can enjoy, it's a website that
can bond all members together.

One example of a family game that you can find at y8 is Go Go Pets. In this extremely funny puzzle
game, your objective is to keep the pet alive by matching cards on different layers. You gain more
points, collection cards, quest items and extra background sets as you get to solve the various levels.
Another hot adventure-filled game is Kill the Dragons. It might be a bit violent with its flame-throwing
feature complete with dynamites, a minigun and a bazooka, but outsmarting the dragons makes for an
exciting ride.

If you're Jackie Chan fanatic, Rely on Relics gives you the chance to defeat all the bad guys so you can
clean up town. For the business-minded, there's Paint Makers. You have to help the two girls keep
their paint shop running by operating the paint mortal. Fish Me is for those who prefer a little sea
adventure by ensuring that the little fish who wants to stay close to his beloved pearl is kept safe from
the creatures of the deep.

Those are just five of the thousands of games that can be found in this flash games portal. Check it out
and see why the y8 syndrome is getting increasingly popular.

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